95 - Encanto

• January 16th, 2022

For this episode, we review Disney's latest animated fantasy film, Encanto. We also play a new game in which we decide the definitive works of a handful of famous directors. At the end of the program, we discuss the 1967 crime drama, Le Samourai, by the French auteur Jean-Pierre Melville. 

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94 - Best and Worst of 2021

• January 9th, 2022

To put a bow on last year's cinema, we rank our top 10 and bottom 5 films of 2021. We also read social media comments from listeners about their favorite movies. Listen up and find out if your favorite movie from last year made it on one of our lists! 


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93 - Spider-Man No Way Home & Matrix Resurrections

• January 2nd, 2022

The first episode of 2022 features reviews for Spider-Man: No Way Home and The Matrix Resurrections. We also think of a couple of pitches for buddies movies starring actors of our choice. For our streaming homework, we review the 1995 cyber-punk action movie, Johnny Mnemonic, which also stars Keanu Reeves. 

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92 - King Richard

• December 19th, 2021

For this episode of the podcast, we review the Venus and Serena Williams sports biopic, King Richard, starring Will Smith. We also list a few film franchises we think could use a Christmas entry. For the streaming homework, we review the 1988 crime-comedy, Midnight Run. 

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91 - House of Gucci

• December 12th, 2021

For this episode, we review Ridley Scott's lurid biopic, House of Gucci, starring Adam Driver and Lady Gaga. We also compare other musicians who became actors and rank them on our own special scale. For the streaming homework, we review the 2012 Tom Cruise action movie, Jack Reacher.


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90 - Power of the Dog

• December 4th, 2021

For this episode of the podcast, we review Jane Campion's latest period drama/western, Power of the Dog. We also talk about the paranoid 1982 TV movie, Mazes & Monsters, starring a young Tom Hanks. For this episode's special segment, we compare what fictional movie toys and games we wish were real. 

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89 - Last Night in Soho

• November 21st, 2021

For this week's podcast, we bring you an Edgar Wright double feature. We review his latest thriller, Last night in Soho, and from Netflix, his music documentary, The Sparks Brothers. We also discuss the films that we and our listeners deem underrated.  

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88 - Eternals & Titane

• November 14th, 2021

For this podcast episode, we review Marvel's new team-up adventure, Eternals, as well as this year's much-buzzed-about Palme d'Or winner, Titane. We also discuss the recent movie news, and for our streaming homework, we review the 1955 Frank Sinatra drama, The Man with the Golden Arm. 

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87 - Dune

• November 7th, 2021

On this episode of the podcast, we review Denis Villeneuve's adaptation of the epic science fiction novel, Dune. We also list our all-time favorite title sequences and movie openings. For our streaming homework, we review the 2020 Danish drama, Another Round, starring Mads Mikkelsen. 

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86 - Halloween Kills

• October 24th, 2021

With this week's podcast, we ring in Halloween with our review of David Gordon Green's Halloween Kills. We also discuss the horror films that never scared us and compare our answers to listeners' personal experiences. For the streaming homework, we talk about the 2008 British horror movie, Eden Lake, starring Michael Fassbender.

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