31 - 1917 + Little Women + The Irishman

• January 23rd, 2020

Keith and Cassidy are back to wrap up the final big releases of 2019. In this episode of the podcast, we review the world war epic 1917, Greta Gerwig's adaptation of the literary classic Little Woman, and we finally tackle the latest Scorsese gangster film The Irishman. We also discuss the latest movie news and we respond to the contentious feedback to our Rise of Skywalker review. 

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30 - Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker & Uncut Gems

• January 4th, 2020

Welcome to the new decade! In this episode of the podcast, we talk at length about the final film in Disney's new Star Wars trilogy, The Rise of Skywalker. We also review the Adam Sandler crime drama Uncut Gems and we discuss the upcoming films our listeners are most excited to see in 2020. 

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29 - Ford v Ferrari and Marriage Story

• December 21st, 2019

The year is wrapping up and in this episode of the podcast, we review the racing drama Ford v Ferrari and for our Netflix homework, we review Noah Baumbach's latest film, Marriage Story. We probably spend too much time talking about famous wrestling catchphrases and Kieth tries to guess the movie titles connected to the worst movie poster taglines of all time. 


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28 - Knives Out & Parasite

• December 14th, 2019

This episode of the podcast, we review the star-studded whodunit Knives Out. We also catch up with the new Bong Joon-Ho film Parasite, the South Korean dark comedy that's already generated awards attention. We discuss the films our listeners listed as the best movies they could only watch once, and for our Netflix homework, we review Noah Baumbach's 1995 film debut "Kicking and Screaming." 

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27 - Jojo Rabbit

• November 22nd, 2019

In this episode of the podcast, we discuss the Hitler Youth satire, Jojo Rabbit, written and directed by Marvel alumni Taika Waititi. Keith also gushes about the new Disney Plus Star Wars series, The Mandalorian. 

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26 - Doctor Sleep

• November 15th, 2019

In this episode of the podcast, we bring on actor, comedian, and friend Josh Hurley to help us review the latest Stephen King adaptation, Doctor Sleep. We also discuss what roles he and Keith would want to play in a selection of ensemble films, and we talk about Josh's background as a narrator for Audible. 

The review starts around the 30-minute mark. 

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25 - The Lighthouse

• November 8th, 2019

In this episode of the podcast, we explore the nautical folklore of Robert Egger's new thriller, The Lighthouse. For our Netflix homework, we talk about 2016's The Eyes of my Mother--coincidentally another black and white horror film. We also catch up on Batman casting news and the announcement of an animated series based on Jeff Smith's celebrated comic book Bone. 

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24 - Zombieland Double Tap

• October 31st, 2019

Happy Halloween! In this episode of the podcast, we review the long-awaited sequel Zombieland: Double Tap and for our Netflix homework, we review In the Tall Grass, based on the novella by Stephen King and Joe Hill. We also do a deep dive into the best and worst of director Tim Burton and friend of podcast Patrick sends us a voicemail review of the Tim Heidecker mockumentary Mister America. 

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23 - Joker

• October 11th, 2019

For this episode of the podcast, we review the latest and perhaps the most provocative adaptation of the infamous Batman villain, "Joker." We discuss the direction of the film, the controversy surrounding the release, and we open a spoiler zone to dig into the finer details of the plot. We also weigh in on the news of a possible Texas Chainsaw Massacre reboot, rumors of Jonah Hill joining the next Batman project, and Len Wiseman directing a female-led "John Wick" spin-off. For our Netflix Homework, we review the 2014 thriller "Creep," starring Mark Duplass.  

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22 - 2010s Horror Draft

• October 5th, 2019

On this episode of the podcast, we each draft 5 of our favorite horror films that were released between 2010 and 2019. We discuss what horror has meant to cinema in the last 10 years and shout out our many honorable mentions. For our Netflix homework, we formally review the Jennifer Lopez sci-fi horror film from 2000, The Cell. 

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