109 - Hustle

• June 19th, 2022

This week we discuss the best and worst of Adam Sandler's acting/producing career and we review his latest basketball movie, Hustle. For our streaming homework, we talk about the 2012 documentary How to Survive a Plague, which covers the activism around the early years of the AIDS epidemic. 


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108 - Top Gun: Maverick

• June 12th, 2022

This week, we review the long-awaited action sequel "Top Gun: Maverick," starring Tom Cruise and Miles Teller. We also cover the latest movie news, and for the streaming homework, we discuss James Mangold's 1997 crime-thriller, "Cop Land." 

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107 - Men

• June 5th, 2022

This week, we review Alex Garland's English countryside nightmare, Men, starring Jessie Buckley and Rory Kinnear. We also talk about sex scenes in movies that were necessary to the quality of the film. For our streaming homework, we ring in Pride month with the 2015 indie film, Tangerine. 

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106 - Firestarter

• May 22nd, 2022

This week, we review the latest adaptation of Stephen King's sci-fi thriller, Firestarter, starring Zac Efron. We also test Keith's knowledge of films that take place in Seattle. For our streaming homework, we review John Carpenter's Ghosts of Mars,  released in 2002. 

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105 - Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness

• May 15th, 2022

For this week's podcast, we review Marvel's Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, and Keith review's the new Nicholas Cage comedy, The Unbearable Weight of Massive Tallent. We also talk about the history of the American rating system and debate the merits of the PG-13 blockbuster standard. From Amazon Prime, we review the 2002 British comedy, 24 Hour Party People, which details the rise and fall of Factory Records. 

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104 - Everything Everywhere All at Once & The Northman

• May 1st, 2022

This week we bring you two reviews of the creative action-comedy "Everything Everywhere All at Once" and Robbert Eggers' Viking epic, "The Northman." For our streaming homework, we also discuss the 1971 crime classic, Dirty Harry.

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103 - The Bubble

• April 17th, 2022

For this week's episode, we review Judd Apatow's star-studded COVID-era comedy, The Bubble. We talk at some length about overlooked mid-budget movies made in the last ten years. Lastly, for our streaming homework, we discuss Ken Russell's 1971 controversial cult masterpiece, The Devils, starring Oliver Reed and Venessa Redgrave. 

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102 - X

• April 10th, 2022

For this episode, we review Ti West's indie horror 70s exploitation homage, X, distributed by A24. We also discuss the casting news behind a possible reboot of The Crow, and at the end, we discuss the 1988 Steve Martin rom-com, Roxanne. 

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101 - Turning Red

• April 3rd, 2022

On this week's podcast, we review Disney and Pixar's latest animated feature, Turning Red. We also cover the winners of last week's Academy Awards broadcast, and of course, we talk about the media frenzy surrounding #TheSlappening. At the end of the program, we review our streaming homework, the 2018 Natalie Portman drama, Vox Lux

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100 - The Batman

• March 27th, 2022

This week, we celebrate our 100th episode with The MacGuffin. Patrick of the Consume Us Podcast helps us rank every live-action solo Batman film made since 1989, including a ranking and an official review of the latest iteration - Matt Reeve's The Batman. We go into everything that makes or breaks a Batman film, from screenplay and performances to the Batmobile and costume design. 

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