257 - Alita: Battle Angel (and new beginnings)

Okay, Jabber fans...what to say. This is definitely the end of an era, but this is not the end of the podcast. We hope everyone who enjoys this content follows the show to its new home at The MacGuffin (Macguff.in) and we look forward to opportunities that await us there. Stay tuned, stay subscribed, and we will announce when the transition has been made. 

In this episode we compare our rankings of the last 13 years of Oscars, Keith gives us his thoughts on Netflix's "The Umbrella Academy" series, Cassidy talks about finally seeing the batshit crazy revenge film "Mandy" at a midnight screening, and we review Robert Rodriguez and James Cameron's sci-fi action film "Alita: Battle Angel." At the end of the show, we review 2016's "Edge of Seventeen" for our Netflix Homework. 

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