200 (pt.1) - Alien Covenant

Welcome to part one of our 2-part 200th episode. In this half, Richard Wolley returns to help Cassidy and Keith review every movie in the "Alien" franchise, from 1979 to 2017. The episode concludes with a full review of Ridley Scott's latest prequel "Alien Covenant." We answer a few listener questions at the beginning of the show, but the bulk of our official Q&A segment will be covered in the episode's second half, which will be released early next week. Enjoy!

Alien Covenant trailer

time stamps:
04:40 - Listener questions teaser
12:00 - Alien review
18:00 - Aliens review
26:00 - Alien 3 review
31:30 - Alien Resurrection review
39:00 - Alien Vs Predator review
48:40 - Alien Vs Predator Requiem review
56:40 - Prometheus review 
01:03:41 - Alien Covenant review


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